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Charli Baltimore Tattoos

Charli Baltimore was born in the year 1974 of August 16th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of United States of America. Her real name is Tiffany Lane and it was the year 1995 when she started her career in Hip Hop and that happened because of her talent and support from one of the greatest music artist of all time, The Notorious B.I.G. She always wanted to have a stage name which will be catchy and thus she decided to go with the name Charli Baltimore which was taken from a character in a movie, “The Long kiss Goodnight” played by Geena Davis.

Charli Baltimore


Besides her forward thinking style, she is also known for her incredible tattoos. She has many tattoos and many stole her look because they loved it so much. She has a lot of tattoos in many places on her body but her most famous tattoo has to be the sparrow tattoo which is present on her left upper arm. This arm tattoo is not only beautifully drawn but it is also beautifully colored too. The sparroe represents a lot of thing like freedom and undying love and many believes that this particular tattoo means freedom. Besides this tattoo, she is also known for her two tribal tattoos which are located above her breasts. The edgy design and location is what makes this tattoo a favorite of many and one of the most copied celebrity tattoo. The design is very unique. Even though it is also said that it is just a tribal design many claims that there is a meaning behind it.

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