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Dianna Elise Agron tattoos

Dianna Elise Agron a famous personality was born on 30th April 1986 in Savannah, Georgia. She was daughter of Roland Agron and Mary Agron and was raised Jewish in middle class family with her brother Jason. As her father’s career for Hyatt was general manager they had to move from Savannah to Texas and then to San Francisco, California.

After high school graduation Dianna decided acting as her career professional. She has been won high school cheerleader role on FOX television series, comedy TV show “Glee” as Quinn Fabray in May 2009. The premiere hit high rating and series began including Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2009. Dianna is a vegetarian and also PETA supporter. In 2010 she was chosen Most Beautiful 2010 by her fans and also in Afterellen.com she was the 26th among top Hot 100 list.

Dianna Elise Agron

Dianna Agron has tattoos on left ribcage and left wrist of her body parts. These two tattoos are well known and are very close to her memories. The only script lettering lines kind of on her left ribcage tattoo reads as “Mary had a little lamb” had actually a meaning to it and also reminds her of someone special.

Basically, the left ribcage tattoo refers to her mother name Mary and herself nickname little lamb. So this tattoo in technical saying represents Dianna and her mother. Besides this, she also has two small heart tattoos on her left wrist which has letter inside them. These letters represent the love of her life.

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