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Kerry Katona Tattoos

Kerry Jayne Elizabeth Katona was born on 6th September 1980. She is an English singer and actress. She is well known being one of the members of the girl pop band named Atomic Kitten. Other than music she has been dabbling in reality programs and light entertainment shows. These apart, she also has been the runner up of Celebrity Big Brother 8 in 2011. She also has been a magazine columnist and has authored ghost-written books

Kerry Katona Tattoos

Kerry has a casual and sporty fashion style. She has quite a few tattoos to mention. One that is visible most of the times is her back and neck tattoo. This is quiet an elaborate one and carries the names of both her children Maxwell and Mark. There are delicate patterns done around the name to enhance the look. This is one of her favourites!

The other tattoo that Kerry has is on her lower back. This happens to be a tribal tattoo which carries a kind of Celtic design. The significance of this tattoo is not much known, but the pattern is intricate and elegant. It has a classic V-shape in a mystical pattern that accentuates the sensuality of her lower torso very elegantly.

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