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Michael Phelps Tattoos

Michael Phelps, born on 30th June, 1985, is an American swimmer and is the most successful Olympian in history of Olympics. Born in Towson, Maryland, he is the youngest of three. He was diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder and as an outlet for his energy he started swimming from a young age. During the world championship trials in 2001, he became the youngest man to set a world record in swimming when he broke 200m butterfly record. Today, he has a whooping 22 number of Olympic medals out of which 18 of them are gold. He has set a record which won’t be broken in a long time.Michael Phelps Tattoos

Being a champion swimmer, he has a physique that girls all over the world drool upon. He has two waistline tattoos on his two hips. On his right, there is an Olympic ring tattoo and on his left is the letter “M”. The Olympic ring is undoubtedly to commemorate his great success in the game, but most debate on what the “M” signifies. Most people think that it represents University of Michigan, while some thinks it represents Maryland, his hometown. Let’s just keep it simple and assume “M” represents Michael.

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