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Pixie Acia Tattoos

Pixie Acia is an artist who draws absolutely brilliant tattoos and who has a strong attraction towards vibrant and fancy colors. This make-up and tattoo artist is a previous Fear Factor champion who used to work as a body piercer in Minnesota before finally moving to Los Angeles in the year 2003. She moved to Los Angeles with two pit bulls and one cat. Pixie Acia got famous for being the chief at Kat Von D’s High Voltage Tattoos in the state of Los Angeles, USA. She showed up on LA Ink with four other much talented tattoo artists who work hard to understand the unending demands of customers from everywhere throughout the world and from varying backgrounds. Their excellent work got them a huge round of applause from both the customers and the organizers. They made a name for themselves with permanent ink. When she exited the show in the year 2008, she was seen in the documentary Victory to the Underdog.

Pixie Acia Tattoo

Pixie Acia’s body is covered with tattoos of Care Bears tattoo, mug tattoo, cake tattoo and different pictures that shout, “Upbeat!” Pixie Acia has a number of tattoos drawn all over her body. The underarm tattoo that she has is the picture of her dearly beloved pit-bull. Another one of the many tattoos that she has on her body is a tattoo “selfie”, drawn in an angling position on her left hip. It shows her smiling – and that is how she would love to be remembered forever.

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