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Sean Bean Tattoos

English actor and heartthrob Sean Bean is indeed one of the most promising and well known names in the International film industry now, especially after playing major characters in The Game of Thrones series and The Lord of the Rings respectively. Born as Shaun Mark in 1959 in Sheffield, Sean Bean has received numerous accolades including the International Emmy Award for Best Actor and nominations for the BAFTA and Saturn Award. Sean Bean is considered to be a sex symbol among women across the world.

Sean Bean Tattoos

Famous for his innumerable tattoos as he is for his superb acting skills, Sean Bean’s best body art, according to us, would be his left upper arm tattoo which reads “100% Blade” in neat and bold letters. Sean Bean describes this tattoo as a way of proving his affection for the Sheffield United FC of which he has been a die-hand fan since he was eight years old, and had even helped to raise finances later on.

Another very important tattoo would be his right shoulder tattoo which reads the English number NINE using Tengwar script—a tattoo that seals his presence in the original nine companions of the Fellowship of the Ring. This is a tattoo which Sean Bean shares with all the other cast members.

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