Lana Del Rey Tattoos

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant popularly called as Lana Del Rey is an American singer and song writer born in the year 1986, June 21st. Del started her writing career at the age of 18 and later she signed a recording contract. And then she started releasing 5 points records and her debut digital album Lena Del Ray in the year 2010. She was nominated for the Grammy awards and various other awards for her wonderful contributions to the music world.

Lana Del Rey TattoosLana Del Rey has interesting tattoo collections decorating her glamorous glowing skin. She has her grandmother’s name letter tattoo as the alphabet M is depicted on her left hand. The lady has portrayed her love for her granny. On the left hand there is a word tattoo ‘Paradise’ and it was discovered by her fans on the Jan, 2012. Another phrase tattoo that reads as “Trust no one” is on the side of her right hand knuckles. There is a right hand ring finger tattoo with the phrase, “Die young”. The gorgeous singer has the name tattoo of the Russian writer Nobokov and the poet Walt Whitman’s names etched to the right forearm as a tribute. There is a tiny infinity symbol tattoo decorating her left hand and there is a phrase “life is beautiful” a right hand wrist tattoo.