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Hollywood Actors | December 21, 2015

Craig Ferguson tattoo

a multi talented person, who is liked by many people in many different ways. The person has gone different tattoos in different part of his body.

Hollywood Actors | November 28, 2015

Keanu Reeves Tattoos

The Matrix hero isn’t inked yet but has displayed some wonderful tattoos in his movies.

Hollywood Actors | June 3, 2015

Sean Penn Tattoos

Sean Penn is an actor and also a movie director who has worked with many great personalities in many movies and television shows. He likes to have tattoos in his arm, but not heavy.

Hollywood Directors | April 26, 2015

Jack Osbourne Tattoos

Jack Joseph Osbourne’s popularly known as Jack Osbourne. He was born in November, 1985 in St. John’s Wood in London. His father Ozzy Osbourne and mother Sharon Osbourne both are […]

Hollywood Actors | April 16, 2015

Simon Pegg Tattoos

Simon Pegg, a very talented person and completely dedicated to film industry, loves to have tattoos especially on his arms and loves to show them off while in action

Hollywood Actors | April 15, 2015

Stuart Townsend Tattoos

Stuart Townsend, the Irish actor cum director is a true performer and a dedicated movie director. He likes to wear tattoos especially of tribal symbols which fantasize him a lot.

Hollywood Actors | January 16, 2015

Chris Evans Tattoos

Chris Evans is one of the most popular actors and has got the sexiest body. Also, he is one of the talented person in the film industry.

Hollywood Actors | December 18, 2014

Justin Paul Theroux Tattoos

The multi talented Justin Theroux by professional is an actor as well director and screenwriter is an amazing personality. He got a massive tattoo designed all over his back.

Hollywood Directors | December 4, 2014

Allison Anders Tattoos

Allison Anders is very well known director whose work is appreciated by many all over the world. Besides being a director, she is also known for her tattoos.

Hollywood Directors | February 24, 2014

Fred Durst Tattoos

Fred Durst the lead singer in the rap metal band Limp Bizkit is a lover of body art and is totally obsessed with this excellent tattooing ecstasy.

Hollywood Actresses | February 8, 2014

Melissa Joan Tattoos

Melissa Joan is an American actress and director with love for the fabulous body art and is not a virgin to inking.

Female Models | February 8, 2014

Drew Barrymore Tattoos

Drew Barrymore sure has a crazy passion for tattoos and has quite a few interesting collections inscribed on her body.