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Stuart Townsend Tattoos

Stuart Townsend, the Irish actor cum director is born on 15th December, 1972. His most popular portrayals are Lestat de Lioncourt during 2002. Also he acted in other famous acts like Dorian Gray and Queen of the Damned.

He joined an acting school during his young-age in Dublin and made a stage debut unprofessionally in Tear UP The Black Sail. But his professional career started from 1994 with True Lines. Then he acted in few Irish short movies like Summertime and Godsuit etc. His first full length movie was Trojan Eddie and appeared in the leading role in Shooting Fish after that. His last movie A Stranger in Paradise was released in 2013 in which he had a supporting role.

Stuart Townsend Tattoos

Stuart Townsend likes to have tribal tattoos on his body. So he always gets spotted with a tribal tattoo on the right shoulder. According to him, it is very important to choose the outfit perfectly for each and every situation. And tattoo is one of the great parts of your outfit. So he never removed that tattoo.

While an actor goes sleeveless, the arms must have something special to attract the viewers. In case of Stuart, it is a shoulder tattoo which makes him look even more handsome with it.

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