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Drew Barrymore Tattoos

Drew Blyth Barrymore, the multi talented American actress was born in the year 1975, February 22nd and is a proud descendant of the world famous Barrymore family, who are popular American stage and cinema actors. The little Barrymore started her acting career from the age of eleven months, when she casted for an advertisement. Then she acted as a child artist in several movies including ET. Drew then established her with excellent performances especially in comic characters.

drew barrymore tattoos drew-barrymore-tattoos


Drew Barrymore is a spiritual person with deep love for body art. Though she is not obsessed with huge tattoo collections like Angelina, but still she has a massive elegant package. She has hip tattoo, lower back tattoo, toe tattoo, abdomen tattoo and right leg tattoo. The beautiful Barrymore has chosen her tattoos to be small and class, without cascading all over her. Drew seems to be a simple and aesthetic person.

The abdomen tattoo is located below her curly belly button and is the picture tattoo of butterfly. It is just two inches in diameter and the body segment and wings are colored in light ash gray, while there are details of the perimeter of the wings is inked with black color for border of this cute butterfly tattoo. Another tattoo that captures our hearts is her small clusters of flowers tattoo that is drawn on her right hip. This one is more colorful than the butterfly. In this tattoo there are two beautiful flowers emerging from an entangled collection of grass, vine and smaller flowers.

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