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Aaliyah Tattoos

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on the 16th of January in the year 1979 and died on 25th August, in the year 2001. She performed under the stage name Aaliyah. She was an American recording artist, lover of the dance floor, a performing artist and a model. She was born in the city of Brooklyn, in the state of New York, and brought up in Detroit, in Michigan. Aaliyah worked with record producers Missy and Timbaland Elliott for her second album, ‘One in a Million’. It sold 3.7 million copies in the United States alone and more than eight million copies all around the world. She shocked the world when she died on 25th August, 2001, when she and eight other crew members of “Rock the Boat” were travelling back from The Bahamas and met with a plane crash.

Aaliyah Tattoo

The singer-performer had a total collection of three artistic tattoos. One of these is her hand tattoo, i.e. her initial that is decorated with a star on her left hand. This is one of the very first tattoos that she got and it became an identifying mark for her in the coming years. She was a star and she knew how to show herself to the public. The second tattoo is an ankle tattoo that is drawn in the shape of a music note on her ankle. This was a much cherished one as this clearly shows her love for the art and every single chord in music that exists in the world. The third and final tattoo is a back tattoo which is a dove, drawn right above her hips. All the three tattoos are beautiful.

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