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Alley Baggett tattoos

Alley Baggett was born on 14th July, 1973 in Houston, Texas of United States and from the begin she chosen her career as a model. But her less height of 5’2” let her down in many occasions. But she never stopped herself rather kept on auditioning for the same profession of modeling. And not after very long she succeeded in the photography of Harvey Butts. In May 1995, she got the opportunity to be looked at the cover of Playboy’s Book of Lingerie.

Alley Baggett

Once Alley Baggett got the opportunity to be a successful model, she never looked back. From the day after coming in the cover of Playboy magazine for the first time, till today 15 times she has been there on the special edition of Playboy. She holds the record for most number of appearances in Playboy’s front cover. Most of the times, she has a tattoo somewhere in her body. Alley believes in cute tattoos only which are designed by expert tattoo designers only. She liked to wear feet tattoos which are really very unique stuff. She was the one who gave more emphasis on neck tattoos than any other models.

The very beautiful Alley is such a person who believed in changes throughout her life. She believes if people change their dresses every now and then, then why tattoos should not be changed more often. This belief of her makes her wear amazing tattoos on her upper back, right ankle and right toes too. She has appeared in many shows with tattoos on her body symbolizes her fantasy towards style and fashion.

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