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Amber Riley Tattoos

Amber Patrice Riley is an American singer-songwriter, actress and philanthropist, born in the year 1986, February 15th. She is famous for her character as Mercedes Jones in the Glee series. Amber Riley is the winner of the Dancing with the Stars season 17. Amber Riley was born in Los Angeles, California to Tiny and Elwin Riley. She reached the glory of fame from the time she casted the role of Mercedes Jones in the Glee series. But initially this gorgeous singer was declined during the audition of the American Idol at the age of 17. Riley has performed solo in numerous songs such as the “Bust your windows”, Respect”, “Hate on me” and more. She won the Screen Actors Guild Award and also nominated for the Teen choice awards and NAACP Award exclusively.

Amber Riley TattooAmber Riley loves to adorn her body with meaningful tattoos that looks awesome on body. Basically it is seen that the wonder Glee lady has two amazing tattoos on her curvaceous body. There is a wrist tattoo and back tattoo that are visible to our eyes. Riley has etched the Christian apparel brand logo, “Not of this World” as body art on the inside of her left wrist. The logo is done in black ink and looks beautiful on her hands. This piece of tattoo portrays the singer artist’s strong faith and her personality as well. There is a second inking of the humming bird tattoo. This colorful body art has been drawn in the pink and blue color gracefully flaunting her right shoulder blade.

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