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Beth Ditto Tattoos

Mary Beth Patterson popularly known by her stage name Beth Ditto was born in the year 1981, February 19th and is an American singer and song writer. Beth achieved fame through her notable works that she has contributed with the Gossip Indie rock band. Her voice has been compared to Tina Turner, Janis Joplin and Etta James. The singer often describes herself as a “fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas.” Ditto has launched her fashion clothe collections the Evans especially designed for plus sized girls. She is also a writer and has written few books such as “Coal to Diamonds”. Ditto is wedded to her childhood sweetheart Kristen Ogata with whom she is best of friends from the age of 18 years old.

Beth Ditto

Beth has couple of interesting tattoos inscribed each on her arms. She has a huge ornate heart tattoo etched on her right upper arm. It is an intricate filigree heart with a beautiful design and looks gorgeous over the Gossip girl. Within there is a dark heart outline enclosed. Ditto has showcased love for her mom by inking a lettering tattoo that reads as MAMA in bold scripts. This is a left upper arm tattoo that is well placed within a banner that has been beautifully placed within an anchor tattoo. The anchor is huge and drawn in bold dark ink and is the traditional tattoo of sailor.

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