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Beth Lucas Tattoos

Beth Lucas is a singer and acoustic artist born in the February 21st and is from Brisbane, Australia. She was very much interested in music from her tender age of 10. Beth learnt skillfully the Plush and from that time it became her passionate desire. She started her writing career while she was studying in high school. Beth has performed in many shows with improved ability to sing and write. She tasted fame when she started covering her favorite rock and pop bands and artist in her YouTube channel.

beth-lucas-full-sleeve-tattooBeth is a fascinating artist with love for wonderful tattoos and she has colorful collections all over. Her right arm sleeve is almost covered with various etchings such as the colorful roses entwined with vines. There are other amazing tattoos liked the locket with ribbons and keys, snake and a small bird tattoo which is inside a cage. Her dream is for more and said, “Eventually, I will have both sleeves finished and both my thighs, but good things take time and I’m not in any rush right now.” On her left forearm tattoo Beth has inked an old school microphone along with small cassette tattooed and a heart shaped reel entangled around. There is a tiny X letter tattoo and lucky number 9 as numeral tattoo. Beth has added a red colored unicorn tattoo just beneath the cassette tattoo along with a gothic cross tattoo. There is a treble clef on her right calf, family initials as letter tattoos, and hourglass, antique pocket on her thigh tattoos.

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