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Bif Naked Tattoos

Beth Torbert popularly known as Bif Naked the Canadian actress, singer, song writer and motivational speaker born in the year 1971, June 15th is an inspiration for many. She was adopted by American missionaries from Delhi and grew up to be a gorgeous lady with potential. She released self titled – Bif Naked in the year 1996 and from then has released several albums like Bifcus, Purge, Super beautiful monster, Bificus and more, that reached many fans. Next to her successful music path Bif was excelling in her acting career as well, where she was casted in the Archangel, Zed, The L word and more.

Bif Naked

Naked has massive collection of fantastic inking all scattered all over her sexy body. Her beautiful arm tattoos looks dramatically exotic and completely stunning. Since these amazing tattoo designs are entangled with each other it is rather difficult to identify the difference between them. She had her first etching at the age of 16, which is the Egyptian eye of Horus. One of the most noted ink of Naked is her abdomen tattoo with letters that reads as HARD CORE. This is encircled with flower tattoo designs drawn around the belly button with a huge Kanji symbol tattoo. Bif Naked has a Kanji symbol of Survivor tattoo inscribed on her left arm. On her right arm Naked has lots of collections that include dragon tattoo, monster tattoo along with several Kanji etchings. Bif has wrist tattoo of a lotus on both her hands and two piece of lotus tattoo placed each on both the shoulder.

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