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Brad Pitt Tattoos

Brad Pitt was born in the year 1963 on the December 18th in Oklahoma to Jane Etta, and William Alvin Pitt. He completed his studies from Kickapoo High School. Pitt had a passion for acting and started his career from the year 1987 and from then he has achieved many glorious awards such as Academy awards, Golden Globe awards and more for his excellent contributions.

Brad Pitt TattoosSex appeal of Brad Pitt has been portrayed by media sources, which named him one amongst the 25 sexiest stars in the history of cinema and was counted as the most powerful celebrity. Brad Pitt married Jenifer Aniston in the year 1998 and was considered a fairy tale couples, but later on they were separated in April 2005.

This separation was due to his attractions towards Pitt’s lady love Angelina Jolie whom he met at the Mr. and Mrs. Smith sets. On the January 2006 the couple however officially announced their relationship and announced their engagement on 2012.

Brangelina together has created memorable moments and their love for exclusive bountiful tattoos is one of the extraordinary body arts that this famous couple portrays to the world. Brad Pitt also has a dozen tattoos decorating his body but the most amazing tattoo amongst them is the Otzi the Iceman tattoo on his left inner forearm.

Pitt has dedicated his ink drawing for the iceman who has been found as the Europe’s natural mummy. This man survived 5000 years ago and climbed the Schnalstal glacier but died. His frozen mummy was found in the year 1991 along with his clothes and other accessories. This copper age icon has become a wonderful iceman tattoo in the forearm of this brilliant actor.