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Chuck Zito Tattoos

Chuck Zito was born on March 1, 1953. He has shown his skill in different fields. He was once a member of New York chapter of Hells Angels, later he turned as martial artist. He has also shown his skills as actor and stuntman.

He has spent the childhood in the Bronx, New York. In 1985, Zito was charged for trafficking. In 1998 his acting career got a new height when he had the opportunity to act in Oz series.

Chuck Zito Tattoos

Chuck Zito found to be quite keen about his tattoo. You will find different tattoos inscribed in various parts of his body. The most prominent tattoo is found on his left forearm. “Bad Boy” is well written along with a pair of boxing gloves. This particular tattoo is quite significant as it depicts the life and profession of a stuntman.

The other tattoo is visible on his chest and whenever he performs his boxing, this tattoo is witnessed by audiences. The tattoo of winged skull of the Hells Angels is found. As he was the former president of the Hells Angels, it is quite obvious to have such a tattoo. The tattoo also contains few pieces of words “New York city.”

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