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Daniel William Conn Tattoo

An Australian model and rugby player by professional, Daniel William Conn was born on February 14, 1986 in Goolma, New South Wales, Australia. Conn during 2002, was in news for the first time at age of 16 when it been unveiled that in NSW GPS competition Outside Center he was playing for The King’s School with the school fees which the Canterbury Bulldogs being paid for him for whom Conn use to play after he left school. He in NRL (National Rugby League) played for Sydney Rooster Club and his regular choice of position is at the second-row forward.

Daniel William Conn Tattoos

Daniel Conn met with controversies in 2008 for in round 4, to get his nose broken while playing for Gold Coast Titans when had king-hit from by the Canberra Raiders forward-Michael Weyman. With his personality, he likes to show off the wonderful tattoos that he wears most of the times. The other controversy of Conn was the fraud relating to the painkiller prescriptions in 2008. For this he was fined with $5000 and was been ordered for doing some community service but that didn’t stop him wearing more tattoos during sports and other times.

He starred Geordie Shore series 6 and was known on show ‘Fit Dan’. Later he also appeared on television reality show ‘Ex on the Beach’. His right sleeve tattoo with around five stars on wrist is dedicated to his mother, two nans and two sister also one at elbow for his father. Daniel forearm tattoo is a script written and his chest tattoo reveals a Latin phrase.