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Dave Gahan Tattoos

David Gahan the baritone lead singer and song writer for the British Electro Stalwarts music band known as Depeche Mode was born in the year 1962, May 9th.  In the year 2003 Gahan released his debut album Paper Monsters and Hourglass that was later released in the year 2007. Gahan has also released number of singles along with the band in the albums such as playing the Angel, Delta Machine, Sounds of the Universe and Suffer well, were few examples of the songs that he had written lyrics and sang with his own voice. Gahan was ranked 27th amongst the 100 Greatest Frontmen and reached the heights of 73 on the list for the 100 Greatest Singers.

Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan tattoos are all designed to hold deep meanings and marked those memorable events happened in his life. Dave has a back tattoo of huge wing structure inked gorgeously. This wing tattoo is a spiritual sign that is mostly placed on the front portion of homes to ward evil spirits away. There is a chest tattoo with the letters OM that is a Buddhists chanting mantra. Dave has etched a Celtic dagger tattoo on his left upper arm that represents his mighty strength. Beneath the dagger there is letter tattoo with the alphabets T.CT.T.M.F.G with some personalized meaning. There is a bird tattoo drawn on his left chest.

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