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Dave Navarro Tattoos

David Michael Navarro is an American singer, guitarist and song writer, born in the year 1967, June 7th. He was the founder of Jane’s Addiction alternate rock band and released four rock albums. Navarro is also a former Red Hot Chili and Peppers member. And the artist possesses immense skills as a guitarist. He merges modern Rock with heavy metal psychedelia exclusively. Navarro is considered as a Hero with talents in the Alternative Rock. The band has released amazing albums including The Great Escape Artist.

Dave NavarroDave Navarro is the perfect choice for discussing in this web portal, because of his vast tattoo collections. Maybe Navarro can be named as the man with most tattoos, because of his obsession over this exquisite art. It might take pages to discuss about huge collection of tattoos on Navarro and therefore let us discuss few.

Dave Navarro has two bat tattoos on each shoulder in the front areas. Bats symbolize the protection offered or portray the darker version of life. Bats image on his shoulders might also denote super heroes like Batman. Navarro is a romantic person and has portrayed his love for his lady through tattoos. He has the name tattoo of his ex-wife Carmen Electra initials depicted on his sternum.

Dave has inked animal tattoos all over his body signifying deep personal meaning. He has an arm tattoo of a huge snake surrounding a pig. Both these tattoos represent sensual desires, evolution and sinful temptation. Dave however says that the snake tattoo reveals the way he sees the world. Navarro also has mom tattoos and exclusive modern art tattoos.

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