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David Arquette tattoos

david arquette tattoo

David Arquette is a multi talented person born on September 8, 1971 in Winchester, United States. He can be termed as multi talented because his occupation includes many talented works such as that of an actor, film producer, film director, screen writer, fashion designer and wrestler. Though he did many works during his young age but he initially came under limelight after huge success of some of his movies like wild bill, Scream series, and Buffy the vampire slayer. He received many awards for his contribution in film making. Apart from film industry, he also contributed to wrestling and even won WCW Heavyweight Champion.

david arquette tattoo

David Arquette is not only fond of switching between two different professional careers, but he is also fond of creative work like getting tattoos drawn on his body parts. It is not surprising that he has many of them on his tattoos, but some of them are even matter of discussion. One of his over sized tattoo that needs special mention is the one on his torso. As mentioned earlier, it is large enough to start from a little above the right waistband up to halfway above ribcage. It is a panel from a comic which was published on September 1948. This tattoo basically has a message to be friendly with all. The other tattoo that Arquette got on his body is that of his paternal grandfather. It is also a huge tattoo on his right arm. It can be said to be a symbol of true love towards his grandfather.

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