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Desmond Harrington Tattoos

Desmond completed his schooling in Catholic schools in Bronx, New York. After completing high school, his career didn’t click as he had wanted. Gradually he decided to go for acting classes. After that he started few comedy and drama shows and produced very nice goods. Later he got the fame he would have once wished from his life and still now he is active.

Desmond Harrington

Desmond Harrington likes tattoos and nothing else can prove it than the flower tattoo present on his body. It is a black rose as it is his favorite flower. It also works as a powerful outfit especially when an actor faces the camera or crowd.

The black rose symbol present as a right arm tattoo on his body shows that he wants to attract audience towards him not just by his acting but also by his outfit sense. It looked awesome on his arm every time camera managed to catch it.