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Donnie Wahlberg Tattoos

Donald Edmond popularly known as Donnie Wahlberg the American actor, producer and singer, was born in the year 1969, August 17th. He is a member of the famous band ‘New Kids on the Block.’ Donnie’s works include background music for television and films. Wahlberg has also acted in movies like The Sixth Sense, Saw films, Righteous Kill and Dreamcatcher. He also was casted in miniseries the award winning ‘Band of Brothers’ exclusively. Wahlberg is at present starring in Blue Bloods and is also an executive film producer of television reality shows for TNT’s “Boston’s Finest”. This amazing actor has nominated for Teen Choice Awards in the year 2008, for his contribution in the Saw films.

Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg the producer cum actor has depicted couple of interesting tattoos all over his well toned body. He has a left shoulder tattoo with letters and numbers blended. Wahlberg has a word tattoo of his name and the year he was born on ‘1969’ extensively. The awesome tattoo reads as “Wahlberg 69”. It is a huge crest tattoo with letters “DEW” and “AED” inscribed within and on the top layer there is a banner with the name tattoo written, “Whalberg” and underneath it is enclosed the year of his birth ‘1969’ is written in bold ink.

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