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Emily Wynne-Hughes Tattoos

Emily Wynne Hughes, was initially a member of a music group but she had her moment in the spotlight by appearing in the eight season of the reality show Indian Idol. Her decision to participate in the show was completely self-made and she did not get the nod from her band mates. According to the band members she was already an established singer and hence did not require proving her mettle at a reality show. She impressed the judges during the auditions. As she was an alcohol addict, she participated in the show with an alcohol monitoring bracelet on her wrist. She is quite fond of her tattoos and flaunts them quite often.

Emily Wynne-Hughes TattoosEmily Wynne-Hughes Tattoos

There are many tattoos on the body of this singer; the most prominent among those are those of a girl and a giant eagle tattoo. She has a number of tattoos on her arm as well as a forearm tattoo. The tattoo of the giant eagle is present right in the middle of her chest. The tattoo of the girl is present on her left forearm. In the biceps of the left hand, she has the tattoo of a prince wearing a crown. Her right knee has a tattoo of a spider’s web. As it can be seen, she is a person who is very proud of her tattoos of various tastes and shows them to everyone.

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