Federica Pellegrini Tattoos

Federica Pellegrini the Italian swimmer, born in the year 1988, august 5th is a dedicated and successful person. She is from the Mirano city in the Province of Venice. The gorgeous lady holds several world records in swimming that includes 200 m freestyle and 400 m freestyle. She became the first lady to reach the 4 minute barrier in the 400 m freestyle within the 3.59.17 period of time. Federica is considered to be the only Italian lady who has set world records in many events and won several medals in the Olympics.

Federica Pellegrini

Federica is not only fascinated by aqua world but is also a lover of body art exclusively. The pretty swimmer has more than dozen awesome tattoo collections adorning her wonderful body. There is a phoenix bird tattoo inked on her left side of neck. There is a skull tattoo depicted on her right arm close to her elbow. On the left side of Federica’ torso there is a pretty floral design drawn wonderfully.

 The sexy swimmer has a lower back tattoo with tribal design running across the back. Federica has a feather tattoo inked on her foot. On her right side there is an Italian phrase tattoo inscribed. She has an ankle tattoo of a dragon and below on the heel, is there a word tattoo that reads as “Balu”

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