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Gucci Mane Tattoos

Radric Davis who is well known as Gucci Mane is an American rapper born in the year 1980, February 12th. He has released various albums such a ‘Trap house’, ‘hard to kill’, back to the trap house’, ‘the State vs. Radric Davis, Appeal: Georgia’s most wanted’. Mane has also released various other independent albums and mixed tapes. He is the CEO and founder of 1017 Brick Squad Records. Mane has often jailed and sentenced due to certain controversies surrounding him.

Gucci Mane TattoosGucci Mane’s tattoos are normal and interesting too. There is a red heart tattoo that has words Amber embedded. The Atlanta rapper has three tear drops inked in black ink as the eye tattoo. These tears may represent the hardships and trials that the artist is going through in his life. He was jailed for killing someone and various other controversies. He has mysterious tattoos depicted on either sides of his stomach and it seems like a tribal tattoo flaunting his sides and protruding. Mane has inked a chest tattoo of phrases that reads “So Icy Boys”. The phrase tattoo is decorating his chest and spreads towards his left shoulder. There are several tattoos etched all over his arms, neck, chest and more. Another tattoo that grabbed attention is his face tattoo of a fuming ice-cream. This ice cream tattoo has three full scoops along with the word “brr” written within the cone. This tattoo spreads across the right side in his face. He portrayed his choice of living style, which is icy and cool.

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