Helena Christensen Tattoos

The Danish supermodel Helena Christensen was born on December 25th, 1968. She lived in Copenhagen, Denmark in her earlier life. In 1986 she won the pageant of Miss Denmark and went ahead to represent Denmark in Miss Universe. Thereafter she moved to Paris and started pursuing her immensely successful career as a model. She has featured in the cover of magazines like Vogue, Elle, W and has been a part of fashion campaigns by brands such as Chanel, Valentino, Prada, Versace and Revlon. She was also a Victoria’ Secret Angel.

Apart from modeling, Christensen also created her own vintage clothing line, worked as the creative director for Nylon magazine and indulged in fundraising for Breast Cancer Organizations. She was the Spokes-model of Revlon cosmetics for a time.

Helena Christensen Tattoos Helena Christensen Tattoos Helena Christensen Tattoos

The sexy supermodel has a perfectly toned body and small tattoos sketched on herself that almost escapes the eye. She has the zodiac sign for Scorpio inked on her neck. Apart from this, she also seems to be a bit obsessed with stars and has got two matching arm tattoos. These are a pair of star tattoos, one of them is located on her left upper arm and the other one is situated on her right arm, exactly on her bicep.