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Hulk Hogan Tattoos

Terry Gene Bollea popularly known as Hulk Hogan, which is his ring name is an American professional wrestler, television personality, actor, musician and entrepreneur. Currently he has been signed a contract with WWE. Hulk is born in the year 1953, August 11th. In the World Wrestling Federation platform Hogan enjoyed the honorable name as Hulk and also “Hollywood Hulk Hogan”. He was also famous for being in the World Championship Wrestling as the nWo leader. Hogan entered the WWE Hall of Fame in the year 2005. He also signed a contract from the year 2009 until 2013 with Total Non Stop Action Wrestling. Hogan is celebrared as one of the extraordinary wrestler the world has ever seen. He has won the World Championship 12 times and WWF/E Championship 6 time and also 6-time WCW World Heavyweight Championship and much more for his fantastic performances.

Hulk Hogan

The wrestler Hogan has several inking depicted on his well toned body and the chief one is the words tattoo that is written from his shoulder blades across upper back. This back tattoo is written in huge letter fonts in black ink that reads as “IMMORTAL”. Hogan has a left forearm tattoo a biblical quote from the book of Exodus that reads as “I am who I am”. This letter tattoos are written in a cursive and curly font that looks fabulous.

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