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Jacqui Sandell Tattoos

Jacqui Sandellis born in the ear 1989, at Oakland, New Jersey, is a wonderful singer who sang the Voice Season 4. From young age Jacqui has been passionate about the musical career. Therefore she followed her dreams and entered in to the Voice Season 4. During her fresh blind audition Jacqui sang Fleetwood Mac and was selected. Then she became a part of the team of Blake Shelton. However during the battle round Sandell sang the “Little White Church” by Little Big Town, but got eliminated. She is the lead singer of ‘My Arcadia’.

Jacqui Sandell

Jacqui has a vast classic collections of beautiful tattoos such as the huge vintage art of “Zodiac” b the olden times artist Alphonse Mucha. She has an outline of Dala Horse tattoo inked in bright red color on her left shoulder. Jacqui also has a phrase tattoo of, “just forget everything and learn to love yourself”, which are the lyrics from Craig Oven’s song. She has a back tattoo of a large jelly fish. Jacqui drew two female hands tattoo holding a vintage microphone as her left thigh tattoo. This phone is enclosed within a swirly frame. Another classic wonderful collection is her right leg tattoo of a cute design comprising of a kettle pouring tea in to a tea cup. This scenic picture is surrounded with enchanting flowers and sparrows.

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