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Jared Leto

The very talented Jared Leto was born in the year 1971 on 26th of December. His birthplace is Bossier City, Louisiana but he lives in Los Angeles which he described in this song as the City of Angels. From living off of food stamps to becoming an Oscar winner, Leto has come a long way. Even though he first started his career as an actor in a hit teen TV series, it was his very own alternative rock band “30 Seconds to Mars” which made him famous and loved worldwide. Leto writes his own lyrics now and says that his song is for those who do not have anyone to stand up for them. He loves his fans; in fact he hates the word “fans” and calls them family or more lovingly “The Echelon”.

Jared -LetoAnd all this tattoos is dedicated to “The Echelon” and his band “30 seconds to Mars”. Out of the many tattoos which he has inked on to his body, his elbow tattoo truly stands out. He has the alchemy triangle symbol on his two arms which is called the “Triad”. Jared never explains his tattoo or his lyrics; he leaves it to “The Echelon”, who interpreted it as the three members of the band. Thus along with their many fans, all three members including Jared have inked this symbol tattoo. Besides, this tattoo the letter tattoo which Jared has on his upper chest is also quite famous. It says in Latin,”Provehito In Altum” which means “Launch forth in the depth”. This very tattoo is very special to Jared like all his tattoos as this line happens to be the bands motto. Besides these, two tattoos Jared Leto has many others tattoos which are talked about his admirers.

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