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Jay Baruchel Tattoos

The quirky and lovable actor Jay Baruchel was born in the year 1982 on April 9th in Ottawa, Ontario of Canada. He started his career from a very young age in the year 1995 to be exact but it was the release of the loved comedy movie “She is out of My League” which put him on the map. Besides these, he also starred in many blockblasters like Tropic Thunder, This is the End, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Knocked Up. The list of his famous and successful movies includes well loved animated movies like How to Train Your Dragons and also this movie’s sequel too where he only lent his voice.

Jay Baruchel Tattoos

Jonathan Adam Saunders or Jay Baruchel has many tattoo which he chooses to not to show on screen that much. But it is not because he does not like them but it is because it does not suit the character he played and thus not many know about his great tattoos. The one which is truly incredible has to be his chest tattoo which is of a maple leaf in color. This symbol tattoo which is very close to his heart and it show the love he has for his country and how much prod he is to be a Canadian. Besides these tattoo, Jay also has an arm tattoo which is of the Celtic cross. Done in shading, this big tattoo is very well drawn and Jay got this tattoo as homage to his Irish heritage. One can tell that Jay loves doing tattoo which means a lot to him as he also happened to tattoo his mother’s maiden name too, so he hinted that his list of tattoo can grow in the future.

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