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Jeff Timmons Tattoos

Jeff Timmons is known as an American pop singer, also a producer and founding member of the pop group 98 degrees which was nominated for the Grammy award. He was born in April 30, 1973. In 1990s, the second wave of boy bands emerged where Timmons was well known as the member with well build physique as it was noticed how he used to flaunt the pectoral and bicep muscles in front of camera.

Jeff Timmons tattoos

Timmons always had a passion for music thus, being at Kent State studying psychology, he decided to pursue his career in music at Los Angeles. He was offered with several acting opportunities but he declined due to his love for music. Gradually, he formed the group 98 degrees. His first hit single was “Invisible Man”, later their success broke out with the album named “98 Degrees and Rising” which includes singles like “The Hardest Thing”, ”I Do(Cherish You)” and “Because of You”.

Jeff Timmons tattoos

Jeff Timmons seems to have a thing for tattoos, but not just tattoos, each of them signifies something specific. He has the 98 degree logo on his right arm which shows the importance of his group and their success in his life. He tattooed this logo when his band reached success and his career took a bright turn. He has also tattooed his chest with the words “heaven” and “good luck” written in Japanese which is supposedly some kind of belief he has. On the left shoulder at the back, he has tattooed a circular symbol with a Japanese word meaning “woman”.

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