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Jeremy Renner tattoos

Jeremy Renner, born in Modesto California on 7th January 1971, is a Hollywood superstar as well as a singer and producer. He devoted his early career to theatre works and got his first movie role in 1995 in the movie National Lampoon’s Senior Trip.  His biggest success came with Hurt Locker in 2006, in which he won an academy award nomination for Best Actor. Today he is more popularly known as Hawk Eye, the role he portrayed in movies like Thor and Avengers movies. He also plays the role agent Brandt in Mission Impossible series. He replaced Matt Damon in the fourth installment in Bourne series. He is a very successful commercial movie star and popular amongst his colleagues for his good nature.Jeremy Renner tattoos

Jeremy Renner is the sort of guy who one would associate having funky tattoos covering his arms and shoulders, but surprisingly he has only one. He has only one shoulder tattoo on his left shoulder. The tattoo is a family-crest tattoo of German origin which is quite contrasting to his bad boy looks. Being in his mid-forties, it is not expected that he will get himself inked again, but the fans certainly expected more from this handsome superstar.

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