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Jeremy Shockey Tattoos

Jeremy Charles Shockey was born in the year 1980, August 18th in Ada, Oklahama, United States of America. Jeremy loved playing foot ball game from his childhood and in the year 2001; Shockey became the National Championship Miami team member. He led the team with 604 yards and 45 receptions, receiving eight touchdowns. Jeremy also played Basket ball while he was student. He was the highest paid football player when he signed a contract on October 12, 2005 with the Giants. Shockey earned the title Pro Bowl for his excellent performance.

Jeremy Shockey tattoosShockey was not only a football frantic but also a lover of amazing tattoos. His tattoos showcase his personality and passion to the whole world. Jeremy Shockey has depicted a huge arm tattoo on his well toned muscular biceps. And the body art incorporates several American symbols that include stripes and stars of the United States national flag. Another wonder inking is the bald eagle tattoo in multi colors. While speaking about his extraordinary tattoos the player said, “”It speaks for itself. I’m proud to live in this country, to have the right to express anything you want…. I’m very American.” The tattoing session for inking these wonderful tattoos took three days and 21 hours to complete this piece of body art. Shockey’s tattoos were sculptured at the University of Miami and befit his otherwise reputation as playboy. The tattoo is placed on the player’s right arm and spreads widely through his forearms. Shockey has adorned his left forearm with fiery tattoo that looks fascinating.