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Jessica Alba Tattoos

Jessica Marie Alba born on April 28th, in the year 1981 to Mark Alba and Catherine, is an American model and actress who excels in her career in television and movies. She has been in to acting from the age of thirteen and captured millions of hearts with her gorgeous beauty. She has been named often as the sex symbol by the media and has won plenty of award including Golden Globe award, Teen Choice Award and Saturn award exclusively. She apparently started her acting career from the Atlantic Theater Company once she completed her studies from Claremont High School. Alba had a romantic relationship with Michael Warren while acting with him for Fantastic Four and married him in the year 2008. They have two lovely daughters

Jessica Alba TattoosJessica Alba loves to decorate her body with body art and few of her collections are the lady bug tattoo depicted on backside of her neck, cute little bow tattoo on her back and an inscription in Sanskrit language. Recently she has inscribed a huge temporary floral tattoo. Jessica Alba had however removed the ladybug and flower tattoo that she had earlier depicted on the neck. But she still has the bow tattoo on her sexy lower back and also the Sanskrit word tattoo.

The Sanskrit symbol tattoo is inspiring and portrays a message about her personality to the world. This beautiful lady has grabbed more attention by the Sanskrit symbol tattoo. Jessica said that this tattoo manifests spiritual beauty. “Padma” with the meaning lotus in Sanskrit is the word that has been written with ink on her wrist. Alba expressed her spiritual desire towards both Buddhism and Christianity. This symbolically explains that beautiful body comes from beautiful soul.