Jill Kelly Tattoos

Jill Kelly, the astounding and ravishing porn star of the recent times, is also famous as a porn director and a producer as she is as an actress. Inducted in the AVN Hall of Fame recently, she has also got numerous appearances in B movies like The Legend of the Roller Blade Seven, He Got Game, Big Sister 2000, etc. She also started her own company Jill Kelly Productions in 1998 which, however, soon got bankrupted in the year 2005.

Jill Kelly has made the news quite often, and many times for her strategic placement of tattoos. The one that has attracted the attention of her followers around the world is a simple but stunning heart tattoo located on her right buttock! Surely a great place to keep her heart—teasing and flirty indeed!

Jill Kelly’s super fit and sexy body, unlike other porn stars, is decorated with three tattoos. One, already referred to, is the heart tattoo. Of the other two tattoos, we our favorite would be the kanji symbol tattoo that has been etched on her left ankle. Super sleek and smart, this tattoo, unlike the other two, is devoid of any stark sexual innuendo but enhances her sex appeal nonetheless.