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Josh Hartnett Tattoos

Joshua Daniel Hartnett was born in the year 1978, on July 21st, to Daniel Thomas Hartnett and Wendy Anne, in Saint Paula, Minnesota. Once he completed his graduation from South High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Joshua took acting as his career. The wonderful actor embarked his presence in the film industry by his extraordinary performances in movies like Pearl Harbor, The Faculty, 20 Years Later, 40 Days 40 Nights and more. Josh is successful in his career and also been awarded often as the “sexiest man in the world” by the media.

josh hartnett tattooJosh Harnett is not a passionate lover of this body art but still he has adorned his body with couple of awesome tattoos that are visible and nice. He has inked the image of a Celtic maze tattoo on his left shoulder. The actor was spotted with a colorful Royal crown tattoo on left side area of his neck, which ignited some pleasure amongst his fans. But it was later discovered to be a temporary tattoo that he has embedded for an upcoming movie.

The Celtic Maze Tattoo is a wonderful art in his body that is located exactly on the left of his shoulder blade. This tattoo measures up to 2.5 inches diameter approximately, and has been done completely in grey and black color exclusively. The Celtic Knot tattoo denotes Oak tree, especially the wonderful complexities we experience in nature. The Oak tree symbolizes wisdom, leadership and strength along with other fabulous things. The Irish actor Hartnett loves his tattoo that represents his root nationality’s rich heritage!

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