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Josh Wald Tattoos

Josh Wald the most appealing smart model was born in the year 1979, January 31st who is a skateboarder as well. He is a hot young man who has appeared in various advertisement campaigns for The Gap and Rocco Barocco. Wald gained more popularity from his debut runaway show in the New York City. From then Josh has been considered as the most sought models across the globe. The super model has also featured in the runay shows such as Versace and Dolce  &  Gabbana. Wald became famous from the time he posed for the spring edition the 2005 photo shoot for the “Spread in Out” magazine.

Josh Wald

Josh Wald has strategically placed unique inking in diverse regions of his body such as the sleeve tattoo, word tattoo, arm tattoo, back tattoo and more. He has a left chest tattoo of a bird flying across his shoulder blades. Josh Wald has left arm body art of feather tattoo designed across his biceps. The armband inking portrays Native American culture and Josh’s love for it. He also has huge word tattoo inked permanently across his upper back and it reads as “LOVE” in tribal dark font. The letters flaunts his both shoulder blades and looks awesome. There is a heart tattoo on his lower back, which is full black and is placed in a sexy way. When asked about his tats Josh said, “They are all scars and reminders, some good and some bad, but there is one I think we all know the meaning of, and that is LOVE.”

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