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Juliet Simms Tattoos

Juliet Simms is American singer, vocalist, guitarist and also a songwriter for the ‘Automatic Love Letter’ rock band. She was selected as the runner up on “The Voice” reality show for her talents. The ALL’ Band was formed in the year 2005 with Juliet Simms as lead vocals and her brother Tommy Simms as playing bass, and Daniel Currier, Sean Noll exclusively. The recording was performed at the Tommy’s home studio located in the Temple Bay area of Florida, US. She has been successive in her career with awesome performances.

juliet-simms-tattoo-romeoJuliet Simms has almost covered her entire body with extensive tattoos. Each tattoo has deep meaning and originally designed by her and then she implements it with the help of the tattooist. First Juliet got a treble clef tattoo on her left ankle and it is covered by a snake tattoo. She has a left arm tattoo of a heart pierced deeply by a black inked dagger. The heart is wrapped around with a gray shaded ribbon called with words True Love within.  Simms has a side tattoo beneath her breasts a black and gray colored beautiful rose with thorns. She has also depicted the words from the Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet play. It is a word tattoo with the words “O Romeo Romeo” written in an elegant cursive font. Maybe this is inner voice and passion of our Juliet. There is a huge panther tattoo on her right shoulder blade, a solid black eagle tattoo on her right forearm, large snake tattoo on her left thigh and more.

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