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Laura Ramsey Tattoos

Laura Ramsey is an American actress who has had a career in movies as well as television. The actress is definitely a treat to the eyes! Ramsay was born in Brandon, Wisconsin on November 14th, 1982. She is best known for the portrayal of Olivia’s character in the 2006 movie She’s The Man.

Laura Ramsey Tattoos Laura Ramsey Tattoos

Before her acting career took off, Laura used to work in a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. That’s where she was spotted and called for an audition the next day. She has also acted in movies like The Ruins, Middle Men, Kill the Irishman and Are You Here.

The blonde actress reveals two tattoos, both her located on her back. The first one is a cross tattoo that is placed on her upper back, slightly below the neck and in-between her shoulder blades. The tattoo is black and red in color and is not a simple cross but a tribal one. Laura definitely has a soft corner for tribal tattoos and they carry a special meaning for her because the second one is also a tribal tattoo. It is a tribal sun located on her lower back. This sun tattoo is very artistic and eye-catching. It is yellow and red in color.

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