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Lena Headey Tattoos

Lena Headey is a British Actress born in Hamilton, Bermuda on October 3rd, 1973. The gorgeous lady started acting at the age of 17 with minor roles in films before making her way into lead roles of big budget films such as ‘The Brothers of Grimme’ where she starred opposite Heath Ledger. In the movie ‘300’, she portrayed the Queen of Sparta!

The stunning lady is also known for her titular role of Sarah Conor in the ‘Terminator: The Sarah Conor Chronicles’. She is better known by all as the sly Cersei lannister of HBO’s raging drama series ‘Game Of Thrones’ which is presently airing its fifth season!

Lena Headey Tattoos

This actress is all about the oomph factor, onscreen as well as off screen! The head-turner has a red-colored lotus tattoo sketched on her upper back between the shoulder blades. In Buddhist tradition, Lotus symbolizes purity!

Close to her lotus tattoo, Lena has a round headed bird tattoo on her right shoulder blade. The bird is red with black outlines and is surrounded by cherry blossoms! The tattoo brings a blooming image to one’s mind and Lena wanted to represent the same perhaps. These two tattoos make a colorful and stylish combination covering Lena Headey’s back!

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