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Lights Poxleitner Tattoos

Lights Bokan Valerie Anne Poxleitner, born in the year 1987, April 11th is Canadian singer, electropop musician and songwriter. She has released some notable singles that includes “Second Go”, Drive My Soul” “Ice” and “Toes” exclusively. In the year 2009 Lights was awarded the Juno Award for New Artist of the Year. She has also won Indie Awards in the favorite solo artist and the Astral Media Radio favorite singles artist award, while she participated in the Canadian Music Week in the month of March 2009, in Toronto. Her album Siberia was nominated for a Juno Award in Pop Album of the Year category.

Lights Poxleitner

 There is a huge tiger tattoo on the upper left arm and it is colored in multi colored such as mimic to blue. This is a Siberian tiger character from the World of Warcraft games. Close to the tiger is a mystique female warrior character etched as forearm tattoo. The female resembles a Final Fantasy –Esque and is a beast master. There is a huge lion image drawn as left elbow tattoo and this body art showcases her love and admiration for the jungle king. Lights also had a left wrist tattoo of a heart with a banner that reads, “Unto Him.” And later Lights incorporated and expanded the heart in to a colorful arm that denotes different aspects of her true character and life. On the right side is named tattoo of “Jesus” in Hebrews and on the right side is initials of her parents engraved as EPVP. There is a griffin and lion crushing a dragon tattoo on the bottom. Lights have a finger tattoo with the phrase “Found in love”.

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