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Lisa Bonet Tattoos

Lilakoi Moon (Lisa Michelle Bonet) was born in the year 1967, November 16th and is a successful american actress. She is well known for her role that she played as Denise Huxtable Kendal on “The Cosby Show” in NBC sitcom. Lisa was married to Lenny ravitz the musician from 1987 to 1993. After participating in various beauty pageants and appearing in guest rolls as a child artist, Bonet started her successful career in The Cosby show. The beautiful lady has acted in several movies and television series exclusively. Though she has changed her name legally in to Lilaoi Moon, she was still known by her popular name Lila Bonet.

Lisa Bonet

Lila Bonet has adorned her body with quiet a couple of interesting tattoos that looks amazing over her. Almost whole of her right side upper back is covered with a huge fierce looking dragon tattoo. This is a tribal dragon that has flaunted her shoulders and spreading its tail and body down her side ribcage. This back tattoo is fully visible only when Lisa Bonet wears a backless top that reveals the magnificent beauty of this amazing design. She has a left forearm tattoo with an exquisite design. And Bonet has a liking for those reptile creatures maybe that is the reason for her inking a snake tattoo on her wrist. The snake has wrapped himself around Lisa’s wrist and happily hissing his way towards the knuckles. The tail extends and the wrist tattoo looks like a sizzling bracelet.

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