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Maja Ivarsson Tattoos

Maja Ivarsson is born in 2nd October in 1979 in Scania of Sweden. She is a famous Swedish rock performer. Her band was formed back in 1999. She formed The Sounds along with along with her childhood friends Felix Rodriguez a lead vocalist and guitarist and Johan Bengtsson. Later on a drummer, Fredrik Nilsson was brought on the board. Jesper Anderberg also joined their band who plays piano, guitar and also performs as a back-up vocalist. The sounds are active performers in touring circuit. They even perform in United States. The Sounds performed as supporting act in Foxy Shazam and Semi Precious Weapons. This tour became quite famous and brought them in the headlines.

Maja Ivarsson Tattoos

Maja Ivarsson teamed up with Andreas Mattson and worked in the sound track “Free Free Free”. She has been featured in a number of music videos. One of them is “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)”. This video brought her in lime light and gave her and her band lot of publicity.

She has a deep obsession for tattoos. Her favourite tattoo is a woman in cat-suit tattoo on her right arm. This one is her largest tattoos and her favourite. She has also inked an anchor tattoo as a tribute to her father.

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