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Marc Jacobs Tattoos

Marc Jacobs American fashion designer was born in the year 1953, April 9th. He is the proud head designer for the global brand, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, which is a fashion statement introduced as a fusion line. The company owns more than 200 retail stores that are placed in over 80 countries.  Marc became the creative director of the French design line Louis Vuitton from the year 1997 up to 2013. He earned the 2010 “Time 100” the list of most influential people around the world and won the 14th prize in Most powerful men and women in America.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs loves to showcase his extraordinary tattoo collections of more than 30 vivid body art and let us analyze few. He loves to enjoy the pleasure of tattooing and never stops from implementing his desire. Jacobs have three stars tattoo on the left and five stars on the right shoulders respectively. These stars are multi colored SpongeBob Square pants picture tattoo on outer parts of right bicep. Small red heart tattoo is drawn on the left shoulder. Simple cartoon version of his two dogs’ tattoos is inked as left shoulder tattoo and a scene from ‘poltergeist’ as back tattoo. Bears tattoo on above elbow and bold letter tattoo ‘J’ written on his lower back. Left arm tattoo of a woman wearing 3D glasses and screaming. “Perfect’ inscribed as wrist tattoo and “Shameless” as chest tattoo.

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