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Marcus Testory Tattoos

Marcus Testory, born on the 5th of May, 1967 in Vienna in Austria. This individual is known all around the globe for his work in Cyberstalking and Highlander. Marcus has a tribal dragon tattoo on the right side of his head which is of great historical significance and quite popular all around the globe. Recently, he has grown hair over the tribal dragon tattoo so as to prevent his patients from getting scared. Apart from being an actor, he excels in the field of martial arts, music and paramedic. He has been a great influence to two of the most famous brands around. Namely, Chamber and M. E. L. T.

Marcus Testory Tattoos

This tattoo of the tribal dragon on the right side of his head is quite popular and of great historical significance. This tattoo is designed using the ancient tribal art which has been used in several fields for thousands of years. Irrespective of the art used, this tattoo depicts all the attribute and traits of the dragon, a might, mythical flying creature.

Speaking of dragons, the Japanese Dragon and the Chinese Dragon are among the most popular dragons in the world. While the Japanese Dragon stands for balance in life, the Chinese one symbolizes wisdom and good will.

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