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Max George Tattoos

Max George is a British – Irish boy band along with Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuuiness, Nathan Parker and Tom Parker. This extraordinary troop was formed by the boys in the year 2009 and then entyered in to contract with the subsidiaries of Universal Music the Mercury Records and Island Records, which was managed by Scooter Braun. Max George is basically from Manchester and he was also in to Foot ball and was actually going to enter in to two year contract with the Preston North End. George along with the team became a great success after their release of “Glad you came.” They won several awards and also reached the top spot in the Billboard list.

Max George

Max George has a bunch of roses tattoo on his left arm. The roses are knitted together as a circle. There are four huge roses all blooming on the hot smart Max. A rose that is placed close to his shoulder is colored red and the other three are shaded with black ink. There are leaves and branches interlocking these exotic roses. The arm tattoo is visible to his fans when he wears sleeveless dresses. Another intricate piece of body art depicted all over Max’ left forearm is a picture of a lady tattoo standing with an umbrella and there are showers of rain over her. And underneath there is a letter tattoo that reads “Babs”, which is Max’ dear mom Barbara. The awesome inking portrays the Wanted boy’s love for his dear mom.

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