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Mutya Buena Tattoos

Roa Isabel Mutya Buena is a member of the popular Sugarbabes pop group, born in the year 1985, May 21st in Kingsbury, London. He reached heights of popularity because of her excellent performance while she was in the group. She also participated in the Celebrity Big Brother6tyh series in the year 2009, January. She later released her second solo album in the year 2010 respectively.

Mutya Buena TattoosMutya Buena has extensive tattoo collections decorating her sexy body in an elegant way. She has a name tattoo of her sister Maya written with love on her hip. And there is her own name Buena etched on her arm. The ex-Sugarbabe has a back tattoo of oriental doodles and another word “lady” depicted on her groin. The most beautiful body art on this awesome lady is the floral design as a thigh tattoo that flaunts her calves. This wonderful tattoo is a tribute by Buena for her dear mother. There is a bar code tattoo on her neck along with the phrase written for more personal touch. It reads as “only God can judge me”. This tattoo reveals the truth that only God who created her can judge her. Mutya has inked a name tattoo on her right arm. This is the name of her dear loving daughter Tahlia”. She portrays her love for her daughter with inspiring etching that will never vanish just like her love. There is a lion tattoo on her back and also a colorful stemmed rose tattoo on her left breast. Mutya has a colored picture of a pretty lady on her right leg exclusively.

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