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Nelly Tattoos

Nelly was born on November 2nd, 1974. His original name is Cornell Haynes, Jr. and he got famous with the stage name Nelly. Today he is a well-known singer, rapper, actor and entrepreneur. He has been with a group named St.Lunatic since 1993 and was then signed on by Universal Records in the year 1999. He made his solo debut back in 2000 and opened with Country Grammar that was a great hit by itself. Nelly has two clothing lines, namely Applebottoms and Vokal.

Nelly Tattoos

Being a singer and rapper of his own kind, Nelly has his own outlandish sense of dressing! His tattoos too are one of its kinds. The one that got famous is the script tattoo with the word “Lunatic” written above his navel. One can trace this back to his days of performance with St.Lunatic. It is visible when he is shirtless and is very classic and elaborate in design.

Nelly’s tribal tattoo on his left arm is a recent addition! This tattoo is also elaborate and does not carry any letters or names. Instead, it’s a tribal design pattern that extends to a great extend around his left arm. Tribal tattoos are said to emit nature’s positive vibe and earth power.

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